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GBase 4.17

GBase 4.17

GBase Publisher's Description

The GBase is standalone relational database that stores data in its own format and is not derived from Borland's data-access components. It works with all versions of Delphi - standard and personal too.

Beside this, for the sake of a lack of installation of big, additional engines which manage data in tables, like BDE - it's ideal for those, who want to spread the programs through Internet.

Short description:

  • GBase tables own unique structure, NOT depended on typical Borland's components, and do NOT need any additional engines like BDE, ADO, and so on. GBase needs no data-access Borland's libraries.
  • Quick access to stored data through indexes and find methods,
  • The tables store all data types, and even any files,
  • System consists of non-visual main components and many visual controls linked with tables: Grid, Edit, Label, ListBox, CheckListBox, ComboBox, Memo, RichEdit, ScrollPositioner, UpDownPositioner, ImgPositioner, MapPositioner,
  • It is provided import and export to dBase tables,
  • There is also GReport - a component to create reports based on GBase tables (preview, print, save to file and clipboard),
  • GTool component provides methods to table copy, pack, reindexing,
  • There is also included GBaseCreator (program to manage with table's structure), and naturally help,

From people:
I just finished testing it using the data that the application needs. Before GBase, I used my own record-based system which was very slow. With GBase, it is MUCH faster and also more reliable. Add the fact it does not require the BDE distribution, adds very little extra bytes to the executable, it makes GBase a wonderful component to use!

[...] I've found your GBase component yesterday, that simply wonderfull! I've been looking for such components for age, It work great, pretty professional, easy to understand, don't use the Dataset, and can be use on network! By the way, i think it's something you must said when you publish your component on other web site like Torry one.. That was something needed for me. Bye bye
Michel P.

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